1972 Grumman AA-5

We have 2 open slots in our Grumman Membership Program

E-mail: tim@bcwarbirds.com or call Tim: 513-702-3062 with questions and further information.

Flying Membership in our 1972 Grumman AA-5 includes:


Use of aircraft (reservations required)

You must be a U.S. Citizen

Overnight trips are allowed with no minimums Have a valid Pilot Certificate and Medical Certificate
"Named Insured" status on our insurance policy after A/C checkout and logbook review Have had no aircraft accidents or incidents.
Have had no Drug or Alcohol related convictions
Overview of how it works: All members are subject to a check out in the aircraft to be flown
We are not your average flying club.  Instead of a large number of members paying monthly dues and an hourly rate for the plane, BCW keeps the membership level down to 5 Flying members and charges one flat fee for unlimited use of the aircraft.  You will be covered by our insurance if you meet the requirements listed on this page. 

The only additional expense that  you will incur is your fuel costs plus $1.00 per gallon.  IE: If you use 8 gallons on your flight, and gas retails for $5.85 per gallon, you will be billed

$6.85 X 8 gallons =  $54.80

Your gas charges will be billed to you on the first of each month on a NET 10 basis.

AA-5 Performance and specifications:
Engine: Lycoming O-320
Horsepower: 150 hp at 2650 RPM
We had added the High Compression STC to the engine, greatly increasing performance.
Endurance: 4 1/2 hours
She will carry 3 full sized adults w/ full fuel and
get ground speeds between 95 and 110 kts.
Garmin GNS 430 moving map
Garmin 340 Audio panel w/ Marker beacons and music input
4 place intercom
Localizer glideslope and second VOR/Localizer
Dual  Comm radios
ADF (for training)