at Cincinnati Museum Center
November 5, 2005

447th BG member and original tail gunner of OL' SCRAPIRON, Sgt Jack Keller was on hand for the dedication and unveiling in the Scripps Howard Newsreel theater at Cincinnati Museum Center.  Of the 10 member crew only Sgt Keller and Sgt Acuna (Waist Gunner) remain. 

Built by BCW member Joe Secrist

No project of this kind ever starts without a lot of research.  Pictured here are several articles and photos of B-17s.
A shot of Joe's work area with partially finished model on desk.
Painted wings and horizontal tail surfaces.
Test fitting crew member figures in the nose and cockpit.
Bomb bay and radio operators compartment
Ball turret and waist gunner area.
Tail wheel section, and Jack Keller's tail gunner position.
Overview of partially completed fuselage.
Joe made a transportation cradle for the finished model.  Here he used a previously completed model to test fit it to his safety cradle.
Overview of finished display.
Top of display has crew member photos in order from nose to tail.
Right panel has B-17 statistics and photos of OL' SCRAPIRON's crew and Sgt. Keller in the tail area of a B-17 at an air show in 2005.  Note his original A-2 jacket in the recent photo.
Left panel has some 8th Air Force loss statistics and is appropriately titled "LEST WE FORGET" in remembrance of all that we lost in WWII.  OL' SCRAPIRON was named after it's original pilot. Lt Robert Stevenson, who was killed in action on his first mission with another crew.  Lt. Stevenson was given this nickname after single handedly "Cleaning House" when several unruly men tried picking on the Lt. and two other officers.
Side view of finished B-17 Model. Note the CLEAR side of fuselage, allowing visitors to see the incredible detail that was added to the plane.
Jack Keller (in hat) and Ann Keller (Jack's wife) in foreground get their first look at the display.
Jack, showing the newly unveiled display to his daughter and grandson.
Many visitors were on hand for the ceremony.  Here Jack and visitors look over the many details of the display.
After the ceremony, we moved her into the main display area of the museum for all to enjoy.
Another shot of model as displayed in the Cincinnati History Museum.  The map under the plane is a SILK ESCAPE MAP of Germany.  They were issued to help downed airmen navigate the German countryside in their attempts to avoid capture.
Another re-enactor, in WWI field dress, views the display.
Jack signed autographs and told stories for the two days we were down at the museum.
Another shot of Jack telling his stories.  If you'd like to hear them, Jack will be appearing with us again next spring.  Please contact us for details and come out to visit!