Take The Controls!!!
of a real WWII aircraft.

Please be careful of which online deal(Groupon, etc) you purchase for BCW airplane rides. The rides certificates are NON TRANSFERABLE between airplanes.

You'll get to experience flight, as the WWII Aviation Cadet experienced it.

Here's your chance-of-a-lifetime to take control of a historic WWII aircraft.  Over 70 years ago, young men and women took there first steps into the world of flight in aircraft just like this one.  Referred to as "THE CRADLE OF HEROES" the Fairchild PT-19 trained many of the famous WWII aces and bomber pilots of the 1940s.


The basic ride is 30 minutes in length and costs $329.00.

Rides are non-stop, and must start and end at the same airport.

There is no minimum or maximum age limits.  We encourage the participation of children in our programs.  However, We can only accommodate one person at a time.  Parents cannot hold small children on their laps during the flight.  Children must be large enough to be held in securely by the seat belt and harness by themselves.  All passengers must be in good health and have no conditions which flying might cause further health concerns.

There is a basic passenger weight limit of 235 lbs.  However, larger people can be accommodated with advance notice.

No pilots license or previous flight experience required.  If you do have a license, you are welcome to bring your logbook and our pilot/flight instructor will be happy to endorse the flight in your logbook.


1.) There is no heat in this aircraft. Dress weather appropriate.  It's better to have a coat/hat/gloves and not need them, than need and not have them. 

2.)  Also, the engine uses a very heavy weight oil.  When it's cold, it does not flow very well.  Pre heating helps, but it doesn't help as well as on a smaller plane.  Therefore, no flights will be conducted below 40* F. 

3.)  We also do not fly passenger flights in this plane in rain or winds above 20 Kts.

4.)  Expired deal site certificates will be honored, but an additional fee will be charged.

 5.)  Customer cancellations within 24hrs of your appointment time will be charged an additional fee equal to 1/2 of the promotional value of your certificate.  If you NO CALL/NO SHOW on your appointment, it will result in an additional fee being charged equal to the full promotional value of your certificate.

If you have any questions about your flight being weather cancelled, please call prior to your departure from home.  We might be in the air, so leave a message.  We'll call you if it is a definite cancel. If you haven't heard from us, assume your flight is on.   Please understand that the weather in Ohio changes quickly and often.  On any given day we fly until the weather prevents us from doing so.  Occasionally, a flight gets cancelled at the last minute. If your flight gets cancelled due to weather/safety of flight considerations, there are no additional fees assessed and your certificate expiration date will be extended 30 days to accommodate a reschedule.