Class of 44-9

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that Ms. Turner flew during her time as a WASP

This a merely a fraction of the WASP related artifacts we are compiling. It shows a few small glimpses of one of the most unique group of volunteers in military history.   For a better look at the WASPs; over 600 personal stories, many in their own words, please contact us at Butler County Warbirds  for a copy of Betty's book: "OUT OF THE BLUE AND INTO HISTORY"
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AVENGER FIELD in color.  This shot shows part of the field and a hangar. color_hangar_field_s.JPG (34694 bytes)
Betty in her "GENERALS".
A simple set of slacks and a
white blouse, worn while
in training.
BETTY_IN_GENERALSs.JPG (128260 bytes)
The Wishing Well at AVENGER
FIELD, TX  L to R: Johnson, Gimbel, Glezen, Downey, Casey Johnson

WISHINGWELL_s.JPG (67659 bytes)
Barracks area for the female cadets.  Avenger field became an "OFF LIMITS" area to male personnel due to the many ENGINE TROUBLE landings by male cadets seeking female company.  This led to the fields nickname: COCHRAN'S CONVENT. women_trainiees_ONLY_s.JPG (25312 bytes)
Betty (on right) at AVENGER
FIELD during training.
Betty and four of her friends in training: F to B: ESTER STAHR CUDDINGTON, BETTY STAGG TURNER, MARY WOODWARD, FRANCES STROUD FOUR_IN_A_ROW_s.JPG (25941 bytes)
Posing in her new HIGH
BETTY_high_alt_suitS.JPG (104953 bytes)
In the famous ZOOT SUIT
Flying coveralls.  Actually a
regular issue set of coveralls,
they were cut for male personnel.
Rolled up at the sleeves and legs,
and the belt pulled tight to prevent it getting tangled in the seat belt of the plane.   It gave the appearance of the men's suit of the same name.  Plane is a PT-17 STEARMAN.
BETTY_IN_ZOOT_SUITs.JPG (37184 bytes)
Betty and a PT-17 Stearman. See the OUR AIRCRAFT section of this website for details. BETTY_PT-17_s.JPG (96594 bytes)
Holding down a PT-17 during a dust storm in Texas. HOLDING_PT17_DOWN_s.JPG (16061 bytes)
Betty's Primary instructor and some other cadets: L to R: Penny Pierce, Marjorie Osborne, Mr. Robinson, and Betty in front of a PT-17. MAY_1944_INSTRUCTOR_s.JPG (24895 bytes)
The "CATTLE WAGON"  A converted bus for transporting the cadets to and from the training field. CATTLE_WAGON_s.JPG (36697 bytes)
Taking a break on a cross country training flight. BETTY_ON_XCTRY_FLIGHTs.JPG (20310 bytes)
In the front of an AT-6 BETTY_IN_PLANEs.JPG (102884 bytes)
Betty with her advanced training
instructor. Aircraft is an AT-6.
AT6_INSTRUCTOR_s.JPG (34645 bytes)
Betty on the wing of an AT-6
This is the photo that is used
for the painting that appears on
the cover of her book.
betty_1s.jpg (89839 bytes)
Color portrait of Betty after graduation. color_pilot_betty_s.JPG (130445 bytes)
dress uniform. It's interesting to
note that WASPs were not
issued uniforms for free. They
purchased them from their pay.
BETTY_DRESS_BLUESs.JPG (109689 bytes)
Dress uniform portrait, after
betty_dress_uniformS.JPG (119029 bytes)
Betty at home after the WASPs were disbanded.  Unceremoniously told that they were no longer needed, the remaining  ladies were sent home without VETERAN'S STATUS or benefits. All were forced to pay their own way home. Many found work in other aviation related fields. Betty was soon employed as an aircraft dispatcher. BETTY_HOMEs.JPG (79437 bytes)
We regret to say that Betty passed away in December of 2003.
She will be sorely missed by all of us at BCW, as well as the airshow community.
This photo was taken at Blue Ash (OH) Airport Days.  Thanks to Mr. Jim Brown of Hartzell Propellers for allowing us the opportunity to recreate the photo you see above. (Book Cover Photo)
Betty_web_at6.jpg (82688 bytes)

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