Fairchild Restoration Page 1

Our desire to restore our PT to it's original colors is finally being fulfilled. 

Pictured as we purchased her in May 2000.


In 2002, we finished out the British Commonwealth markings to provide a more historically accurate presentation.
On February 6, the project begins.  The Cowling and nose bowl are removed.  Also, the wing straps that cover the joint between the outboard wing panel and the center section are removed.
The wing filets and inspection panels are removed. (Feb 6th)
Turtledeck removed. (Feb 6th)
Inside the fuselage, looking forward.
(Feb 6th)
Fabric has started to be removed.
(Feb 10th)
Left side of fuselage, looking at front cockpit area toward rear. (Feb 10th)
Same side, looking forward. (Feb 10th)
Rear half of canopy removed.
(Feb 10th)
Wing fabric removed.
(Feb 12th)
Right Aileron assembly with fabric removed.
(Feb 12th)
An interesting discovery. This is possibly an original insignia, painted directly upon the wood.  There are hints of  the silver paint.  The red stripe on the leading edge is probably from the original "Civilian conversion", after it was sold as surplus.  More research is being done on this subject. (Feb 12th)
Remaining canopy is gone, and vertical control surfaces are removed. (Feb 15th)
Behind the front instrument panel.
(Feb 15th)
Rudder and Vertical surfaces removed.
(Feb 15th)
Elevator fabric removed.  Note the trim tab adjustment chains and that the trim tab is removed. (Feb 15th)