Fairchild Restoration Page 2

Our desire to restore our PT to it's original colors is finally being fulfilled. 

Masking is complete.  We will be shooting paint on the frame soon
Volunteer and member Joe Secrist removing fabric from the vertical stabilizer.
Volunteers Bill Creamer and Bob Plogman cleaning up the wooden fabric rails.
Tail wheel has been removed for refurbishing.  Note the two weights tied to the fuselage to prevent the engine weight from tipping over the plane.
Outer wing panel removed and fuel tank has been removed.
Volunteer and member Matt Wing:  Stripping paint of the glare panel.
(Top Cowling piece.)
Wood has been replaced on Starboard center section, above fuel tank well.
April 5, 2005
Repair work on Port outboard wing panel
May 3, 2005
Rear fuselage section, primed, with fabric rails installed.  Ready for covering. Note tail wheel has been reinstalled.
May 3, 2005
Port center section filled and ready to sand. 
We reinforced the wing walk area and replaced several pieces of wood on the underside. (not shown)
Note the vertical stabilizer in the background, also finished and ready to cover.
May 3, 2005
First of the fabric being installed on 05/28/2005.  That's our IA, Tom Everhart doing the instructing.
Another shot of Tom.
05/29/2005 - Making replacement ribs for the trailing edge of the port outboard wing panel.
05/29/2005 - Another view of the "RIB TABLE"
June 7 2005
Newly painted Cockpit.  New Floorboard installation.  New radio pedestal.

Photo doesn't show the new control stick boots that were made and donated by Frances Mead.  We'll get a shot of them on as soon as possible!

Covered Elevator, but no edge tapes have been applied yet.
Installing the fuselage envelope


Installing the fuselage envelope
View of wing root area under rear cockpit.
Shows fabric wrap around bottom support rail.   6-18-2005
Installing the fuselage envelope