Fairchild Restoration Page 3

Our desire to restore our PT to it's original colors is finally being fulfilled. 

The way it looked shortly after we purchased her.....
The NEW front office.
Moving out the fuselage to clean do some cleaning in the hangar.
(Photo: Frances Mead)
Note the painted nose bowl has been installed. Also, the front cowling rails.(Photo: Frances Mead)
Detail shot of the newly painted
aileron bellcrank and hinge assembly.
Shot number one of the port outboard
wing in the paint booth
Shot number two of the port outboard
wing in the paint booth
Finally, the Fuselage painting is complete.
This series of shots taken on 4-14-2007
shows us removing the masking and getting ready to start major reassembly.




The Finished wings sitting in storage cradles.
A shot of the finished control surfaces