Fairchild Restoration Page 5
Our desire to restore our PT to it's original colors is finally being fulfilled. 
5/17/2007 Front and Rear windscreens
permanently mounted
5/24/2007 installing dust boots on the bottom panel.  The dust boots are for the flap pushrods to come through the bottom of the aircraft.
5/26/2007 changing out the brakes and packing the wheel bearings.
5/28/2007 Full canopy is installed
5/28/2007 Applying the wing insignia
5/28/2007 Complete insignia on starboard wing.

5/28 was an important date! We installed both wings! 

Thanks to all that assisted that day!!!

A 5/30/2007 showing the wings installed.  Here, Tim Epperhart is working on hooking up the wiring for the navigation lights.
6/9/2007 Ready for her first test run
6/9/2007 Test run.
6/9/2007 The test run was a success, and after a few adjustments, we will be buttoning her up and test flying her.

Watch here for videos of the test run and the upcoming test flights.

7/1/2007  TEST FLIGHT
Start up!
Tail comes up!
Lift off!
Air to air shot of her over the city of Hamilton, OH
A 2 1/2 year project has finally come to an end. 
Many thanks to all that contributed to this project.
Matt Wing
Joe Secrist
Steve Fishwick
Bill Creamer
Bob Plogman
Gary & Alice Epperhart
Ian & Frances Mead
The Hogan Family: Joe, Fred, Cliff & Tom
The line guys @ Pro Aero: Chris, Matt & Louis
Our IA: Tom Everhart
Mike Jonas