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Where is the museum at Middletown Regional Airport? Our aircraft and display are located at the corner of Germantown Rd and Wedekind Rd. It is next to Frisch's Restaurant. If you turn down Wedekind road, pull onto airport property through the car gate. Park behind along the back of the building. DO NOT CROSS THE YELLOW BARRIERS, as that will put you on the active taxiways and ramp.
When is the display open? Our display area and Hangar is open to the public Saturdays and Sundays from 10 AM to 5 PM. We are closed on Major Holidays that fall on a weekend. (Easter, Christmas and New Years Day)
Is there an admission charge? No.  There is no charge to visit the display, but donations are welcome.
Do you open the display for special groups to visit on other days? Yes.  If you have a special event in the area, and would like to come visit us, we can arrange to have the display opened up for your group, unless we are away at an air show appearance.  Advance notice is helpful.  There is not set fee for this, but donations are appreciated.
How do I get your group and historical displays to appear at my event? Simply ask.  BCW will appear at most veterans events upon request. We can bring mobile displays and even appear in WWII era costumes.  Please contact Tim Epperhart via email: to discuss the details of your event and tell us how we can enhance your event with our displays.  
How do I get your airplanes to appear at my event? BCW will appear at most air shows upon request. Please contact Tim Epperhart via email: to discuss the details of your event.  There are some requirements for aircraft appearances.  Please see the appearance package page for details.
Can I get a ride in the aircraft?

Yes.  Rides are available in the 1943 Fairchild PT-19 starting in early March 2017, and rides are currently available in our 1972 Grumman AA-5.  We often sell rides at our air show appearances.  Rides can be scheduled at Middletown Regional Airport by telephone: Tim 513-702-3062 or email:  We Fly the Grumman year round. Rides in the PT-19 are restricted to days when the outside air temperature is above 40* F. No pilots license or previous experience is required.  There is no specific age limitation, but you must me in good health and large enough for the safety belts and harnesses to hold you in securely.  There is a basic passenger weight limit of 235 lbs or smaller.  But larger people can be accommodated with advance notice.  See the RIDES PAGE for further details.

I am researching a historical project, May  I use your materials for research? Yes, We will assist our members in gathering information on topics that we have materials and information on.  Artifacts and originals are not permitted to be borrowed, but photos and/or photocopies of non-copyrighted material will be made and sent for your use.  Copyrighted material can be viewed by appointment here at our location. There is a minimal charge for large copying jobs.