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How You Can Help

Butler County Warbirds counts on the support of its friends and members.  Donations can take the form of monetary donations, volunteer work or various supplies and materials. If you are interested in making a contribution, please contact the us at (513)-702-3062 or e-mail You can make a donation in person while our hangar is open to the public or you can mail a donation to the address below. Make checks out to Butler County Warbirds, Inc.

Butler County Warbirds
1707 Run Way
Middletown, OH, 45042
Artifact Donations & Loans
We are always looking for both military and homefront artifacts from armed conflicts of old. The bulk of our artifacts are from WWII, and we are eager to expand our artifacts from all other armed conflicts involving the U.S. and others. We will write a tax letter to anyone who donates an item to BCW. We also take artifacts and displays on loan. If you have any documents that you think would go well in our display but do not wish to loan or donate them, we can photocopy these items for display. We have several photocopies on display of authentic photographs, documents, newspapers, and even personal letters.
Financial & Supply Needs
Maintaining our operation and providing airplane rides requires significant financial support. Our most common needs are listed below.

Aviation Fuel: 100 octane low lead aviation fuel is priced about $5.85 per gallon. Our PT-19 burns about 10 gallons per hour and the AA-5 burns about 8 gallons per hour.
Aviation Oil: Even though it is an in-line engine, PT's utilize a "dry sump" oil system and have a 4.1 gallon oil tank. It will spray oil in the same way as a radial engine does when it runs. We lose about 1 - 1 1/2 Qts. of oil per hour flown. Our AA-5 is much more efficient with it's Lycoming "wet sump" oil system, only losing a quart every 6-7 hours. Aviation oil runs between $6 - $7 per quart.
Aircraft Engine Re-builds: Ranger 440 Engines have a approximate life of 900-1000 hours TBO (Time Before Overhaul). However, the average seems to be somewhat lower, about 600 Hours. An overhaul of the PT engine will cost BCW about $12,000.00, or about $20 per engine hour. Our AA-5's Lycoming engine, which is run much more frequently than the PT, must be overhauled every 2000 hours.
Restorations and Displays: We are currently in the process of placarding our artifact display, which requires cases, tags, plates, lighting, and other display-related items. We also must take efforts to restore and maintain our artifacts in a healthy condition. With the size of our current display and the incoming artifact donations, this is always an expense for BCW.
Hangar Rent: The "city hangar" in which our aircraft and artifact display are housed is owned by the City of Middletown, and we pay a monthly rent to occupy the space. Financial support for us to hold this historic hangar, which saw use by the Army Air Corp during WWII, allows us to provide our displays and allows us to keep the building standing.
Construction Materials: Lumber, plywood, plexiglass, glass, paint, and drywall materials are required for us to maintain the hangar and the display area.
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